Maximize Your Love on These 8 Days

What intrigued your mind when you first heard Valentine’s Week? We exclaimed “What!?”, a week dedicated to love and affection? Yes, why not? Why not the full year is for love and affection?

Some people would agree with us that 7 days are not enough. While this can be debated, let’s take a look at what these days are, what people did these days and how you can enjoy it.

Dear reader, Valentine’s day is a fairly new thing in India. Perhaps, it peaked up in the last 25 years. It is now celebrated across India, including the parts of the country which are fairly so-called “conservative”.

There is still a large number of people who oppose this day because they think it is indecent to openly demonstrate love. Yet, there are perhaps more people who celebrate this. The number of people in this group is growing faster than the other group.

Propose Day is the next, i.e., on 8 Feb., did you set the scene on Rose Day? If you did and got a “non-negative” response, then this day is all yours!
Wake up from the bed keeping your head straight and get ready for the day. Get something meaningful and lovable, say a flower (not a cauliflower of course) for your special one and muster all the courage to approach him or her.

Wondering if your step will be successful? It would be in all the cases. If your someone accepts your proposal, you win! If they don’t, then you still win because you are saved for someone better.

Chocolate Day is obviously on 9 Feb, Tuesday, no brainer. But do you know why chocolate day comes after the propose day? Because it has “late” in its name!
Anyway, like many of you, we also love chocolates. But, on the other hand, what if you or your valentine or both of you (in the worst case) don’t like chocolate? Simple, the day will be a sheer loss.

We are, however, very optimistic. We assume that both you and your loved one love chocolate too. And, while writing this, we are imagining both of you are enjoying every bit of it.

Teddy Day, 10 Feb., Do you miss your ex? You perhaps do. And, if you do, it shows that you are emotional. Why don’t you let your emotion come out just for one more day? You can give a call or message your ex without feeling guilty!
Feel free. You are sure you aren’t going back with your ex, but you are showing that you still remember and care. Who knows, your ex may also be missing you!

Promise Day, 11 Feb, seems interesting. What promise could you make or expect from your valentine? Well, one obvious promise is that you would stay together. But, what else? Could you make a promise that you wouldn’t look for someone else in your life? That’s absurd! You would always do, because, if your 2021 valentine is your mother, then you can’t promise not to have a romantic partner, can you?

Let me clear my head. Ok, promise day can be to make a promise, a real promise to yourself and to your loved ones that, you would always look after your loved ones. This is serious and please do it from your heart! What else, affection mean?

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Hug Day, 12 Feb, does “Hug Day” really mean that you will hold your valentine tight throughout the day? Why not? Your wish! However, what you can at least do is to be together with your dear dear valentine for the whole day. Love also means being together, for a long long time.

Kiss Day, 13 Feb., we wonder, can this not be the mini valentine’s day? You probably frown, if this is a mini valentine’s day, what should people do on valentine’s day?

Well, you can simply kiss your valentine and leave other surprises for valentine’s day.
Question: Can you do all that kissing in public? While you may think, “who cares?!” But, take care, it may depend on where you are and whom you are kissing. If you are kissing your mother or father or siblings, don’t bother. If you are kissing your pets, don’t bother either.

But if you are kissing your partner in a place where people are generally conservative, take a careful look around before you do. You can always get a private place of your choice. But, if you like to show off your affection to all, do that, but smartly!

Valentine’s Day, finally…. Dears, the day is here! If you have already spent a lot of energy (and money!) on the first 6 days, you need to pull up your socks now. The options and opportunities are aplenty. If you already spent the earlier 6 days together with your loved one, you need to do something new.

Let’s now be more specific. If you have a romantic relationship with your valentine then you need to spice it up on this day. Candlelight dinner is pretty stale, everyone recommended that in earlier years! So, why not swimming together? Of course, COVID will come in the way.

Then, let’s try a cozy shower together? Or spend an hour in the bathtub filled with warm water?

Then you both can hit the kitchen and cook something together. Let’s say, a salsa dish? Why not touch each other while cooking? Then you can proceed with some ice cream.

If you want to go out for a long drive, make sure you spend quality time off-the-road too. Spend time at the destination instead of just driving and inviting fatigue. If you have small kids, don’t hesitate to bring them along as they are an integral part of your life.

If your valentine is not your romantic partner, then you need to think about how are you going to celebrate the day. You will find there are many enjoyable events, including, watching movies, dining out or playing games, and so on, out there waiting for you!

By the way, did you know YouTube launched on 14 Feb in the year 2015?

Best of luck on this Valentine Week!


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