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Affordable Cotton Fabric for You

Indian cotton fabric is always a hot choice as this never gets old. Beautiful and contemporary texture of cotton makes you look elegant and vibrant with a strong personality. Fabrics made of pure cotton help you stay cool during summer and keep you warm during winter. Hence, it is a winner of all seasons.


Chaturango has already handpicked a collection of Indian fabrics and made them available online for you. You can buy them online at without stepping out of your home and search shop by shop.

Buy Cotton Fabric Online

What is Special About Chaturango's Fabrics?

Why would you choose a fabric from Chaturango while there are so many other places to choose from? After all, fabrics are available everywhere! Well, that is exactly what our point is. Fabrics are everywhere and hence, it is too difficult to choose a high-quality fabric for yourself at the best price.

We handpick the best pure cotton fabrics for you and you choose the most suitable ones from them. This saves you from the trouble of searching the whole market. But, most importantly, you get the best quality fabric at that price point right from your home!

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Handloom Fabric

Handloom fabric is one of the most sought-after fabrics. Indian handloom fabrics are generally made of pure cotton. The beautiful textures of the fabrics make mesmerising and stylish clothes.

It is very difficult to spot a good quality handloom fabric and that too at a competitive price. Chaturango brings in quality handloom fabrics at a very affordable price!

Look out for “handloom ckecks” and checkered fabrics, those are brilliant!

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Cambric Cotton Fabric

Cambric is one of the finest fabrics, yet lightweight. The artisans finely weave this fabric with cotton or linen. At times, cambric fabric can be very expensive.

Chaturango handpicks cambric fabrics from select sources. We choose the best design and colour within an extremely affordable range.  

Printed Cotton Fabric

With the advanced printing technologies, printed cotton fabrics are all-time favourite choice. Chaturango brings the awesome quality fabric with brilliant prints that match all occasions and situations. These are highly affordable too!

The artisans created these printed fabrics keeping in mind occasions where you will be present personally and vibrantly. These are not cheap copy-cats of fabrics that celebrities use, but these fabrics will help you maintain your own identity.

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Celebrity fabrics - should you copy?

Well, many of us follow celebrity trends. However, if you wear the same fabric that your favourite celebrity wears, that will make you copy someone. Moreover, many other people, following the same celebrity, may wear the same or similar fabric! That will make you look like many other copycats.

Just don’t do it! You are unique and so are your choices. You carry your identity based on your own terms and not someone elese’s. So, be yourself, choose the fabric that will make you comfortable and reveal your true personality and identity.

Did You Know....

Handloom means hand-woven and Indian handloom fabrics existed in the pre-historic era, even in 5,000 BCE? Yes, Indian handloom fabrics are very old and originated long before many other countries knew them.

The methods of fabric making and qualities of the fabric are so high that these are still world-famous. India exports fabrics to many countries in the world! 

Cambric fabric is a fabric made of cotton that is specially woven and has a very soft and smooth feeling? You can read more here

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