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Face Masks are unquestionably most important and undoubtedly, are part of our daily life . Of course this is for safety, but masks can be fashionable too! Evidently, cotton fabric plays a key role in our apparel and so does it for these masks. You can buy cotton face mask online to be sure you and family are protected!

Chaturango makes fashionable cotton face masks especially for a great deal of comfort and matching styles! Besides, the masks have a wide range from corporate use to gorgeous ceremonial presence. In this situation of pandemic, you can be both safe and stylish with a few clicks by choosing the best 3 layer face mask online.

Stay Safe and Stylish with Cotton Face Mask

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3-ply cotton face masks carry multiple layers of cotton fabrics which protects from contamination and also helps to breath easily. It is equally important that you feel comfortable even if you wear a mask for long hours. Chaturango’s face masks are all 3-ply which are undoubtedly safe and certainly fashionable!

As a matter of fact, Chikankari Face Masks are special type of fabric that particularly represent ethnic Indian style. These are, by all means, highly recommended for Indian wedding and celebrations.

The World Health Organisation specifically recommends wearing 3-ply fabric masks and has issued instructions on how to wear a fabric mask.

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