Chaturango - Valentine's day gifts for her

2022 – The Best and Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

What intrigued your mind when you first heard Valentine’s Week? Yes, why not? Be prepared on all 8 days to usher your love with the best Valentine’s day gifts for her this week.

Chaturango - Valentine's day gifts for her

Some people would agree with us that 8 days are not enough. While this can be debated, let’s look at these days and how you can make your Valentine remember these days forever with some unique and extraordinary Valentine’s day gifts for her.

Many people oppose this day because they think it is indecent to openly demonstrate love. Yet, there are perhaps more people who celebrate this. The number of people in this group grows faster than the other group.

Rose Day and Propose Day – get the most appropriate valentine’s day gifts for her to set the scene

It is time to make the first move, but keep the suspense and surprise elements all the way.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Although it is Rose Day, you don’t necessarily have to gift a rose. Instead, watch a romantic show together. During the show, flirt with her or politely touch her hands and make her feel the togetherness. This will prepare her mind, and you will get an idea if she accepts you. Then, of course, you can watch a good movie as well.

Propose day is the very next day, i.e., on 8 Feb. Did you set the scene on Rose Day? If you did and got a positive response, this day is all yours!

Wake up from the bed, keep your head straight and get ready for the day. Get a few sweet and straightforward Valentine’s day gifts and muster all the courage to approach her. By the way, don’t order chocolates, as that should be saved for another day!

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Wondering if your step will be successful? It will be, in all the cases. If your “someone” accepts your proposal, you win! If they don’t, you still win because you are saved for someone better.

Chocolate Day and Teddy Day – It’s filled with nostalgia

Chocolate Day is obviously on 9 Feb., no brainer. But do you know why chocolate day comes after Propose Day? Because it has “late” in its name!

We are, however, very optimistic. We assume that both you and your loved one love chocolate too. And, while writing this, we are imagining both of you are enjoying every bit of it.

Chocolates are arguably some of the most lovely Valentine’s day gifts for her. But, which chocolates to get for her?

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Try one of the best delicacies of the best vegan chocolates from Switzerland that will melt into her mouth. The dark taste will be sensuous to her taste buds.

Also, try assorted Swiss chocolates. Assorted chocolates bring the magic of uniqueness.

Teddy Day, 10 Feb. Do you miss your ex? You perhaps do. And, if you do, it shows that you are emotional. So, why don’t you let your emotion come out just for one more day? Then, you can give a call or message your ex without feeling guilty!

Consciously contacting your ex is not a sin or guilt. Feel free. Who knows, your ex may also be missing you! If she misses you, just get these unique teddies and flowers as a valentine’s day gift. This is just to acknowledge that you haven’t forgotten her.

But be with your own Valentine as her own teddy all day, and If you hug her, she will hug you back. After all, you are your own teddies!

Promise Day and Hug Day – A promise straight from the heart

Promise Day, 11 Feb., seems interesting. What promise could you make or expect from your Valentine? Well, one evident commitment is that you will stay together. But, what else? Could you make a promise that you would be together forever? Here are some suggestions for you.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Let me clear my head. Ok, Promise Day is an opportunity to make a genuine promise to yourself and your loved one that you will always look after her. Like in Chaturango, we make genuinely handmade products that show authenticity.

For example, you can buy handmade sling bags from Chaturango’s online store as unique Valentine’s day gifts for her.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Hug Day is on 12 Feb. Does “Hug Day” really mean that you will hold your Valentine tight throughout the day? Why not? Your wish!

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Our suggestions of Valentine’s day gifts for your loved one on Hug Day are fantastic Indian songs. You both can listen to these together, not only in your language but in many languages.

One of the most thoughtfully romantic Hindi songs of recent time was this number.

However, there are similar beautiful romantic songs in Bengali.

Tamil is not far behind. I love this one for its remarkable composition, but you can also listen to this romantic jukebox.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Also, explore the super energetic Punjabi romantic songs, like this one.

Finally, Marathi romantic songs have constantly enriched Indian music, and here are numbers to enrich your Hug Day. If your Valentine loves the Marathi language, you will quickly get into her heart through these Valentine’s day gifts for her.

Kiss Day – It’s close, very close

Kiss Day, 13 Feb., we wonder, can this not be the mini Valentine’s day? Although you probably frown, if this is a mini valentine’s day, what should people do on Valentine’s day? Well, you can simply kiss your Valentine and leave other surprises for Valentine’s day.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

There are many non-cheesy Valentine’s day gifts for her. Beautiful super light but rugged pouch that will keep all her jewellery and makeup items.

Women love Chanderi silks, and they keep them close to their hearts. Here are a few gorgeous Chanderi pouches that are rare. Get them for your loved one.

Question: Can you do all that kissing in public? While you may think, “who cares?!” However, kissing your romantic partner can be considered a crime in India as this maybe be seen as an obscene act that can annoy people.

Valentine’s Day – Finally

Dears, the day is finally here! If you have already spent a lot of energy (and money!) on the first 7 days, you need to pull up your socks now.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

If you have already spent the earlier 7 days together with your loved one, you need to do something new. So here are some valentine’s day gifts for her that come with a lot of everlasting memories.

If you have a romantic relationship with your Valentine, you need to spice it up on this day. Start the morning with something unique, such as a vintage bike ride. Of course, your Valentine will never imagine this!

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

You can, alternatively, make chocolates at home together with your Valentine. This is pretty romantic and highly engaging, and a lot can happen over chocolates, you know.

Then, let’s try a cosy shower together? There are some extraordinary bathing ideas together that will melt your Valentine’s heart.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Also, make sure you will gift her lovely sling bags as her Valentine’s day gifts for her jewellery.

Then you both can hit the kitchen and cook something together. Let’s say, a salsa dish? Why not touch each other while cooking?

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

If you want to go out for a long drive, make sure you spend quality time off-the-road too.

Don’t hesitate to bring them along if you have small kids, as they are an integral part of your life. Here are some tips when you bring along kids.

If your kids are not infants, provide them with the best bags for organising themselves well so that they don’t depend on you or your Valentine.

Chaturango - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Dinner in the evening is a must. So, why not swim together, followed by a poolside dinner?

Valentines Day 13 1

In 2022, there will still be COVID restrictions. However, do you not restrict yourself from buying the best Valentine’s day gifts for her this year!

Trivia: By the way, did you know YouTube launched on Valentine day in 2005?

Best of luck on this Valentine Week! Write below how did you treat her this Valentine’s day?

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