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Chaturango Salutes Your 21st Century Startling Style

Chaturango loves fashion and so do you!

Does fashion style exclusive to famous people? Well not really!

Styling is practiced by everyone daily. It is how you refer yourself to others in a unique manner. Whether you dig vintage styles and 2000s fashion or the latest trends – adopting an excellent personal style will help you to present yourself properly in this world.

Whether you have a job interview or a date, you need to have your unique style. It will help you to be confident as well as create a good impression on others.

But what makes up styling? Everything! From your clothes to your shoes to accessories – everything is a part of your style. As you will check out on Chaturango, it caters to people from different walks of life with different styles.

How Chaturango helps different people style themselves?

You style is a reflection of your identity and personality. Like most of the people, whether or not they are celebrities, several factors affect your style. For instance, if your career is your prime identity then that influences your personality.

Chaturango helps you make a style statement.

At the same time, your family culture, your soulmates, the way you speak, and many more factors have strong influences on your style. Your dressing and accessories are one of such most important factors.

Every person, conscously or sub-consciulsly choose their style. Those who do that consciously strike the chord! Politicians, for example, use more neutral colours. Their style is essential and more sophisticated.

Chaturango Style Lahenga

Movie stars, on the other hand, are more conscious when it comes to fashion clothing.

They like to experiment with different styles. From stylish party wear to exquisite ethnic wear – you can find them in different styles.

They often carry accessories such as this Kota Doria fabric bag on Chaturango to match their clothing. All of them have a common motive for styling – to appear confident and appear more presentable.

What can you do to make a style statement for the day?

You have to find your unique style. It is not necessary to adopt the same style every day. Your style should be in sync with the occasion. That will help you to get compliments from people and create an identity for yourself.

Style should not only be based on attractiveness. It should also look after your needs. When you go to your office, it is essential to carry a stylish yet spacious bag over a sling pouch. For example, nice fluffy iPad sleeves on Chaturango are just right for office environments where you do not want to carry a large bag!

You cannot blindly follow any style. You have to explore and choose the one that scores well on both the dimensions – utility and attractiveness.

Food for thought: What do you think about the fashion style of Harry Potter?

Chaturango Harry Potter

You may have never noticed, but the movies, that you watch, do influence your style. Movies such as Harry Potter have a huge cultural influence on people. A lot of us have grown up watching the Harry Potter movies.

The styling of the movie is iconic. From the robes to the ballroom gowns – everything builds up to create the Hogwarts environment.

Each character has its unique style that defined the character. While the Gryffindor House chose Red and Yellow to showcase bravery, Slytherin House Members wore green and silver to showcase their darker side.

Whether reel or real – you need to have your style. You can always choose a role model. However, it is important to create your unique look and be comfortable about it.

In Chaturango we believe that you should never compromise, and hence, we offer various shoppers’ styles; you should also never fail to experiment with styling.

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