How Did Inexpensive Ladies’ Handbags Rescue 3 Men’s Love

Rubik, the famous IT company, decided to give all their employees a special cash reward to recognise the tremendous growth in the last year. Needless to say, every employee had a significant contribution towards that growth.

Arvind, Brian, and Ravi all work in different departments of the company. They also worked hard over the past year, and they’re pleased to receive an excellent monetary reward.

Apart from making some investment plans, each man decided to buy something special for their respective lady-loves with the bonus.

Hey man, what can you buy for your woman?

Ravi was the first one to feel the reality. “Hey, what can you reasonably buy for a woman?” Ravi asked. Arvind was very confident and said, “Jewelry?”. “That would be super expensive, you know”, Ravi replied, “so, why not cosmetics?”

Brian was listening to them all along. Finally, he decided to step in. He said, “Guys, listen, buy something that your wife would love. It is as simple as that!” Both Ravi and Arvind gave a stern look to Brian. “As if we didn’t know that”, said Arvind.

Even after an hour, they kept scratching their heads to find out what their loved ones would love.

Light at the end of the tunnel

They all differed in terms of the gift that a woman would like. But all three of them started following other women in office to get a clue. During a coffee break, they gathered again. Brian mentioned that he saw Pallavi was using a small box of make-up kits. He said, “Why not we buy make-up kits?” Arvind said, “But I never saw Pallavi using a make-up kit.” “She does, and she keeps it in her handbag.”, Brian replied.

And they deliberate on that

“Hang on, guys”, Ravi said, “I also saw that one day. She actually carries a few beautiful handbags with her where she keeps her stuff. You know, ladies’ habits.”

“Her handbags are really nice. In fact, my wife noticed her handbag at our last office party, and she wondered where she got that from.”, Brian added. He kept thinking, “Maybe, we can think of a handbag to gift to our partners!”. Arvind nodded, “Yes, why not? I have not noticed a lot, but I think it is a great idea.”

“Ok, let me find out where Pallavi bought her handbags from.”, said Arvind and added that he is also connected with her on Twitter.

Arvind now stalks Pallavi’s handbag

As mentioned, Arvind started roaming around Pallavi’s desk. He saw her handbag more closely and found the brand tag beginning with a “C”. But Arvind surely couldn’t get more details, so he started to find an excuse to ask Pallavi about her bag.

Pallavi is a hard nut to crack

“You know what, I noticed that all of a sudden, you are over-enthusiastic about my handbag. So, what is it, Arvind?” Pallavi chuckled cunningly. “Nothing, I mean…. yes, it is a nice handbag for women, isn’t it?”, Arvind replied fumbling a bit. “Yes, it is indeed, and that’s why I carry it.” Pallavi gave a friendly smile.

“Of course, it suits you… you have a good choice.”, Arvind said with a shaky voice as he was caught stalking Pallavi and her handbag. “Well, I am not surprised. So many people notice my purse and handbags. These are pure handmade unique handbags, so you will not find many women carrying this. Particularly this one is so nice and convenient that I use these as my crossbody handbag too”, Pallavi continued.

But Pallavi is also very helpful

Arvind now surrendered. He said, “Pallavi if you don’t mind, can you let me know where did you get this? I mean, where did you buy this from?” Pallavi now got amused. She said, “I see why you have been after my bag for so long. Surely, I can tell you. It is simple.”

Pallavi headed to her laptop, opened Chaturango.com and showed to Arvind, “Here!”. “Oh, is it an online store?” Arvind was a bit surprised as she didn’t expect this would be so easy. “Yes, indeed, just search for Chaturango.com on your browser, and it will be there. Although there are numerous handbag brands, this particular brand, Chaturango, handcrafts these bags with pure cotton fabrics.”, Pallavi said.

She naughtily added that “But they don’t make men’s handbags”.

Three guys huddle again, one last time, for a handbag!

“Folks, I got it! I got where does Pallavi buy her handbags from”, Arvind said with a winning voice. “You know how hard it is to get some secrets from women.”, he added. “It is Chaturango, isn’t it!” Ravi mentioned with a mysterious smile on his face. Arvind and Brian were surprised. “How did you know, dude?” Arvind exclaimed, “I thought Pallavi told this only to me.”

“Well, it is a secret. But I can share it with you. I looked over Pallavi’s shoulder when she was showing the site to you, and I googled Chaturango.com.”, Ravi explained. “That’s not fair.”, the other two protested. “Everything is fair in love and war.”, Ravi chuckled.

A week later

The women of all three men got unique handmade handbags from Chaturango.com. But what more, the ladies now found a hidden treasure for their styles, as they found a lot more style items at Chaturango. In addition, they ordered a few stylish purses and beautiful fabric materials for their dresses.

The men weren’t unhappy either. After all, the products at Chaturango aren’t pricey at all, even though these are great products! Brian has gone one step further and mentioned this site on his Facebook page as well.

A few more weeks later …..

Arvind has now googled what the beauty of handmade handbags is. Handmaking is unique, and as he came to know more about that, he shared his knowledge more with his friends and colleagues via Twitter.

In the meantime, the ladies are silently following Chaturang on its Instagram page and their blogs on tumblr.

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